Discover Marlboro: Historical Walking Tour

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Marlborough, N.Y. is located within the heart of the Hudson Valley and is home to many farms, businesses, wineries and distilleries, shops, community organizations, and more. It first became a town in 1788 and was known as New Marlborough at the time, and included the towns of Marlboro, Milton, Middlehope, Lattintown, and Plattekill. While its exact date of settlement is unknown (most likely the 1600s), it was initially ignored by the French Huguenots, as the land was thought to be too rocky and “was of little to no value.” This belief turned out to be entirely wrong, as Marlborough has had a long and fortuitous history of being a farming community.

Over the years, Marlborough has had a dynamic and rich past, which we hope is revealed during your walking tour of town. The Marlboro Free Library is proud to preserve and share the story of its community and provide access to those who wish to learn more. We invite and encourage visitors and locals alike to stop into our Library, take a look around, and continue the conversation with us. While this app is in no way a complete and exhaustive tour of Marlboro’s history, we hope it provides you with a glimpse of its past and gets you excited to learn more. Please check back as we regularly make updates, add more content, and fix any discrepancies.

If you would like to further learn about Marlboro’s past, we invite you to attend the Marlboro Free Library’s annual Dark Side of Marlboro Walking Tour held every October, explore our Local History Collection, and to purchase or check out a copy of Images of America: Marlborough at the Library. Please be safe while crossing Route 9W, be mindful of your surroundings, and stay on the sidewalks whenever possible. We hope you enjoy the tour we have created!

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