The Story of Marlborough: History of a Town Landmark: Cluett Schantz Park

The Story of Marlborough: History of a Town Landmark: Cluett Schantz Park

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The History of Cluett Schantz Park

Now enjoyed by the residents of Marlborough as a town park, this 51-acre property originally belonged to the Hallock family. The ponds on the property, which are still present today, were man-made by the Hallock family prior to the Revolutionary War and were known as Long Pond, Mill Pond, Sheep Pond, and Round Pond. During the 1800s and early 1900s, the landscape of this property looked very different from today. In addition to a grist and sawmill operating here, the site was also home to numerous residences, an ice house- which harvested ice off of Long Pond, and the Milton Pump House- which controlled the distribution of water to the town. Over the years, these structures fell into disrepair and were torn down in the mid-1900s.

Early during the 1960s, the town began to look at this property to develop a park. In January 1964, the Marlborough Town Board entered into a contract with New York State to purchase the site. On June 13, 1964, the Marlborough Town Board dedicated Cluett Schantz Park and opened it to the public. The park was named after Cluett Schantz, a popular and prominent public-spirited citizen of Marlborough and Ulster County. A list of his achievements featured in his obituary includes Marlborough Town Supervisor, County Sheriff, first vice president of the First National Bank of Highland, a veteran of World War One, and a delegate to the New York State Republican convention. Schantz passed away on January 7, 1964.

Although there was much opposition from the public, in the beginning, the park was quickly noted to be extremely popular with residents and of those in neighboring towns. An article in The Southern Ulster Pioneer boasts that the park had over 1,200 visitors in one day on a Sunday in July of 1964. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the park offered swimming, picnicking, and a snack bar in the summer months, including fireworks on the 4th of July, and ice skating during the wintertime.

Today, Cluett Schantz Park is still enjoyed by the public and includes a newly upgraded playground, concerts during the summertime, soccer fields, pavilions, basketball courts, and more. However, swimming and ice skating are no longer permitted at the park.


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